About Us

is primarily oriented but not limited to the fields of defence aviation and aerospace. It is an enlisted supplier in Directorate General of Defence Purchase (DGDP) which works under the Ministry of Defence of The People's Republic of Bangladesh. All the procurement of Bangladesh Armed forces is done through the Organization. We represent manufacturers and their authorized suppliers to promote their product to the Armed Forces and Civil Aviation. Our company is actively involved with Bangladesh Army (BA), Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) and Bangladesh Navy (BN) to supply aircrafts, helicopters, vehicles, machineries, electronics and its spares. We are capable of organizing overhaul facilities of airframe, engine and components.

is also engaged in multiple sector of business in Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). Our activities range from airport operation, ground handling, aerospace supply, aviation consultancy, turnkey project management etc. We are capable of offering complete spares and repair/overhaul support for Bell-206/212/214/222/412, Sikorsky-S61/70/76/92, Boeing B737/B747/B757/B767, Cessna-all models, Dash-8, Fokker-F28/50/70/100, Lockheed-L100/C130, McDonnell Douglas-DC9/10.